Writer’s Block: Love hurts

Time, really.  That's the best answer for me, and the only one I personally have any use for.  I've also found that doing your best to block that person from your thoughts, to not think about them, not look at pictures, not walk around thinking of all the little things that remind you of them eventually yields results.  

For me, the first is something that will almost always help you, and the second is something that will help you only if you are desperately committed to getting past that person. 

Then again, I'm not the expert.  Hell, I'm still new at this being alone thing myself.  These are just solutions I've found that worked/are working well enough for me to feel like a human being again.   


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: Love hurts

  1. The first time I experienced true heart break I thought it would never end. I remember panicking after a while and Googling “time it takes to get over heart break” or something (lol, lame, I know right?), and collectively I discovered most people suggest that it takes about half the time you were with the person to truly get over it, or move on, etc. I was sure I could do it faster, and thought that 1/2 was excessive. I started to think that I was ok after a few months, but realistically it still took at least a year to stop feeling bad about it. Maybe it’s true, or maybe we never really “get over it,” but I think that time definitely can heal, given enough of it.

    • No, not lame. Not really. I’m still struggling with my own feelings of loss, of heartbreak, whatever you want to call it, and it’s been about six months and counting. Most of the time I’m okay, but there are days when it still hurts pretty terribly.

      I totally relate to thinking it should take less time than it does, but I have to admit that the more time passes, the more I keep thinking it will be a long time–or at least until I graduate–before I can think about it without hurting or regret.

      Otherwise though, I have to believe that time is what will make this go away. If I didn’t believe that, it would make me insane.

      • Time really dulls it, but I don’t think it ever really goes away… Then again I hold on to people/things/emotions more than most. I don’t like the whole “goodbye” deal. I answered this question in my journal too, and honestly the only cure I’ve found is finding someone else who is even more awesome. And again, I hate to sound like a pessimist (I swear I’m not! Well maybe, an optimistic one…), but even though I move on to the next person, I never really stop dreaming about or thinking about the others. I wonder if it’s a personality issue of mine, or if I think too much, or if that’s how it is with everyone. either way if you’re the same, you’re not alone. The ability to care this much when it’s over just means you have an even greater ability to care when things are good, right? Just the curse of a big heart, girlie šŸ™‚

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