Querying, NaNoWriMo, and Updates Galore

So, I'm well aware that it's been a while since I've posted.  Blame my crazy schedule this year, the social life I'm attempting to have, and mostly my epic procrastination skills.  Apologies. 

Anyway, because I hate when people DON'T do this, I'll be discussing topics in the order by which they are listed in my heading.  First of all, querying.  In the month or so since I've posted, I've received another 50 page partial request, which made my entire week.  I'll be waiting another few weeks to hear back from this agency, and I'll be hoping the news is favorable.  In the meantime, I also received a rejection on the previous partial I had out.  The agent contacted me not long ago with a very nice email about how they just didn't feel quite strongly enough about my novel.  No hard feelings on my end–she was super nice about it.  

Still waiting on the full request, and will probably continue to wait for another month or so.  Again, I'm okay with that, although I keep switching moods in regards to the manuscript and what I think will happen to it.  I mean, I sincerely hope something good comes out of that request, but at the same time I'm nervous.  Then again, I highly doubt that can be helped.

NaNoWriMo planning is coming along.  I'm going to be a rebel this year and start writing soon–and I do mean soon.  Why, may you ask?  There's really only one reason for it, and that is because I like to have a feel for my characters, and the style I plan to use for the story, before I actually have to pump out a ton of words in a month.  Last year's Nano was a failure for a lot of reasons.  Even though I managed to hit 50k, I came out hating the story and everyone in it, mostly because of two mistakes.  One, I tried to adapt a really good short story for novel purposes, and two, because I tried to start writing on November 1st.  

This year, I'm intending to have some written beforehand so I have the basics as firmly within my control as they ever are.  Then, when I crank through 50k–please, God, I hope–I'll be able to advance the story from where it's already going.  Hey, it worked for The Recruited.  With any luck it will work for Nano '11 too.

Finally, the thesis.  I have about 26 pages written of this so far, and I'm really liking how it's coming along.  I learned a lot putting in as much time on The Recruited as I have, and it's making it much easier to produce a zero draft that has far less stuff wrong with it this time around.  It also helps that I'm editing and getting feedback as I go, which wouldn't necessarily be right for any story, but feels right for this one.  

Now if I could only finalize a title for this bad boy, I'd be in really good shape.    


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