Let the Words Flow Week One NaNoWriMo LiveBlog

Today, I'm going to be liveblogging as much as is physically possible given my work and class schedule.  This blog will be updated as often as I can, though it's hard to say whether I'll be editing this document or making a new one.  I'm aiming for 3-4k, so we'll see if I can actually get it done. 

12:00–Beginning the liveblogging task.  Word documents open, YouTube video on and playing.  Let's do this!

12:19–Am in the process of re-breaking a character's leg and keep changing my music.  Anybody know any good music to break bones to?

12:24–Logged onto MSN for the first time in months.  An utterly pointless gesture; I don't know what I'm hoping for.

12:33–Turning music off.  Time to pump out rest of words for yesterday/today and get to bed.

12:42–Word count met–for yesterday.  764 of today's words written.  Going to bed.  Will continue updating tomorrow. 

11:08 a.m.–Computer's on.  In the process of checking my internet related things before class/writing.  Actually, this particular class doubles as writing time. 

11:23–Time to get writing.  Nothing much new on the internet this morning means I have no more excuses to procrastinate.

11:42–Have to turn off computer and finish getting ready for class.  Will continue to take notes in my journal so I can update this liveblog once I have internet access. 

Word Count:  951/3000-4000

12:00–Leave for class.  Walk twenty minutes to campus.

12:20–Arrive at foreign language building.  Talk about Nano with another local Nano buddy.

12:30–Class starts.  Must do at least a little work before I can start writing.

12:53–Reached my writing time!  Let's see how much I can actually get done.

1:00–Pause to do our part of the presentation.

1:03–Back to writing!

1:18–Leave class to go grab lunch.

2-4:15–Work.  Work, work, work. 

4:31–Checking the internet once more before I write.  Forever. 

4:48–Getting down to business.  Bring it, MS. 

5:27–Keep checking my email.  This is no good.  Logging out of gmail right now.  Right.  Now. 

Word Count:  1448/3000-4000

5:35–Got a Skype message.  Now talking to my aunt instead of making dinner, which means I need to buckle down and write some more for as long as this conversation lasts. 

7:00–Somehow dinner turned into a ninety minute affair.  Our apartment has also added two more guests.  Let's see how productive I can actually be. 

7:20–Still haven't written a word.  Conversation proving to be more distracting than I would've thought.

8:06–Just got off the phone with my dad.  Clearly human interaction is going to be the death of me.  The headphones are going on.  Time to get serious.

9:52–Got back from a long second dinner/dessert run.  Brought my computer and wrote a few hundred words.

Word Count:  2016/3000-4000

10:44–Have been typing steadily for nearly an hour.  It's looking like I could finish on time.

Word Count:  2762/3000-4000


Word Count:  3076/3000-4000

So, I met my goal.  It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't by nearly as wide a margin as I'd have liked, but it worked.  Hell yes!