Querying Update

So, I promised an update a few days ago with regards to my querying progress.  I guess you could say this is me delivering.  🙂

At any rate, I heard from the agent about my full request, and ended up earning another rejection.  This person was very kind, and gave me a ton of good feedback about how I can further improve The Recruited, and I'm grateful for all the time they took with my story. 

I had five pages of my story requested and then rejected by an agent within the space of a week, which was kind of depressing.  Still it was countered by the partial request I had from about a week ago from an agent I've spoken with in the past.

For those of you keeping score, that's two partials I still have on the table, though I'm beginning to wonder if one of those has been rejected without my realizing it.  It has been well over two months since I've sent them the material, and I haven't had a reply to my emails in that time span either.  Having them reject me because of an email mistake or an issue with my submission would be way worse than being rejected on my own merit.  Ah well.  I'll probably give it another week, then send one more email asking whether they still have my submission before I give it up for gone.  

That's where I currently stand you guys.  I'm going to reread The Recruited over Christmas break, do some more editing, and then send out more query letters.  And, as always, I'm going to hope that one of those agents will end up being someone who wants to represent me. 


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