Music Challenge

I borrowed the idea for this post from .  Check hers out if you want to find the link to the original  challenge post and more awesome music recommendations!

As I am very fond of perusing the internet for new and interesting things to talk about, I thought it would be fun to fill this challenge post on my own.  All of my friends know I’m a giant music nut, and that one of my biggest fascinations is finding new songs to listen to that mirror or describe my stories–or characters or scenes from within.  That being said, the point of this challenge is to post songs that describe your protagonist (or protagonists.)

I’ll be doing this for all three of my current works in progress, so if there’s a song or story that interests you more, do feel free to skip around.


Naomi Williams:

James Knox:


Anna Foster:

Jason Vilnas:


Tanya Rivers:

Well, I sincerely hoped the embedding worked, and I hope you guys enjoyed listening to these.



Good News!

Okay, that may be a deceptively exciting title, but I can’t help it. Last night I received an email from the agency I’d given up hope on hearing from saying that they still have my 50 page partial and I’ll hear from them by the end of the month!

That means if I’m REALLY lucky, I could have two more full requests by the end of the month.  (Remember the other partial I have out.  I know you do.)  Keep your fingers crossed for me, okay? Even though I’m in the rewriting process, I’ve already come up with what to tell these two agents should they ask for more.  There’s a lot that needs to fall into place here for me, but isn’t that the way publishing stuff always works?

Anyway, this has been a brief public service announcement, if only because I’m about to go and meet my dad for tacos and trivia at a pub a few towns over. Let the ass-kicking begin!