Music Challenge

I borrowed the idea for this post from .  Check hers out if you want to find the link to the original  challenge post and more awesome music recommendations!

As I am very fond of perusing the internet for new and interesting things to talk about, I thought it would be fun to fill this challenge post on my own.  All of my friends know I’m a giant music nut, and that one of my biggest fascinations is finding new songs to listen to that mirror or describe my stories–or characters or scenes from within.  That being said, the point of this challenge is to post songs that describe your protagonist (or protagonists.)

I’ll be doing this for all three of my current works in progress, so if there’s a song or story that interests you more, do feel free to skip around.


Naomi Williams:

James Knox:


Anna Foster:

Jason Vilnas:


Tanya Rivers:

Well, I sincerely hoped the embedding worked, and I hope you guys enjoyed listening to these.



2 thoughts on “Music Challenge

  1. Nice songs!

    You have some nice songs, here, Ellen! I was listening to them while I was getting some work done. 🙂 I especially like the second as well as the last one. (And yes, the embedding does work.) Thanks for joining in the fun and good luck with your writing! 🙂

    • Re: Nice songs!

      Hey, that’s funny–I was doing the same thing with your playlist. 🙂 Loved “Running Up the Hill,” and am now wondering how I never heard that song before. Thanks for the listen and the comment!

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