Update: 4/4

I’ve been on a roll with this blogging thing lately, probably because there’s so much else that I have to do but have zero interest in.  (Also, note that it took me until my last blog post to realize just how many parts of this post there were going to be.  Lame.)

Anyway, this last post isn’t one I’ll be linking to on Twitter, if only because it deals somewhat with my personal life of the last few months.  Because this is a really long story with a lot of points I’d rather not have the whole world see, I’ll keep it limited to the basics for the time being.

I’m seeing someone again, the same someone I was seeing the last time around.  Things are startlingly good, even though we’ve only been together for two months.  Though I’m hoping they’ll stay that way, I feel as though I’ve come to have much more realistic expectations this time around.  Because I got so used to being without this person, I’m much better at handling/entertaining myself and being alone when I can’t have him with me.  We talk at least once a day, but it’s a much less co-dependent relationship than it was before.

We’re in love, but neither of us are talking forever.  Instead we’re trying to take the future one day at a time.  This is especially important considering we will–realistically–not be in the same state next fall.  Neither of us like it and we’re trying to think of solutions, but for now we’re just enjoying having each other around and being in each other’s company again.

There’s a trial separation coming up soonish, because my family and I are taking a trip–my first–to Europe this May, immediately after my graduation.  It’s both a reward for finishing up college, and a way of enjoying something that all of us have wanted to do, and that my dad has wanted to do again.  Even though it’s going to mean being out of country for ten days, I absolutely cannot wait!

And there you have it.  A wrap-up of my recent life.  Though I’ll probably be mostly inactive from here until the end of the school year, I’m going to try and update more once I’m done with college for good.

Wow is that a scary and wonderful thought!


Update: Part 3/?

So, even though I’m utterly swamped with . . .  life at the moment, I’m still going to take an opportunity to update this blog regarding my writing for the past few months.

Unfortunately, my thesis has been domineering my free time since mid-March.  Ever since I met with my new adviser–who is total awesomesauce, by the way–we’ve been coming up with ways to trim my thesis down.  Thanks to her expert guidance, I managed to get Between Two Lives down to 91 pages prior to turning it in.  Now, though, it’s crunch time.  I’ve cut four chapters and gotten it down under my 70 page limit, but I still need to write a new beginning and work in the important info from the first four chapters as back story.  Come hell or high water, I’m finishing this bad boy this weekend.

I’ve also started working on a new novel, though it’s still in the planning stages.  I’ve begun it twice now, and changed the perspective three times, but I think I’ve finally found the place where I want it to begin.  Because I’m working on this for my internship, I’m going to have to dive into it this weekend and get at least a chapter written.  It’s called Facing the Music, and is a dark YA contemporary about a girl recovering an abusive relationship and the boy she befriends who needs a little help with his life himself.

Guys, I’m super excited about this project, and as soon as school ends, I intend to really dive in headfirst.

And then there’s The Recruited, the project I have that’s closest to querying.  I received a lovely personal rejection from the agent with the 50 page partial, which was right around the time I decided I was going to look for a beta.  I lucked out hard core in this regard, and mine has already read through my entire manuscript (and I through hers.)  She’s given me some excellent feedback, which is supplemented by the fact that the lovely is also going through the story and making generalized comments.

This round of edits, I’m really attempting to whip this puppy in the shape.  And I’m so close to being done on this particular project–for now at least–that I can taste it.  I’m hoping to have it ready in time to enter it in The Writers’ Voice, a contest being held by four contributing blogs, next week.  Keep your fingers crossed for me, because I’m going to need it!

With any luck I’ll be querying not long after we get back from our upcoming vacation, which may or may not be touched upon in the next blog post.

Update: Part 2/?

Here’s part two of the massive update of pain and horror.  (Okay, I’m mostly kidding.  Mostly.)  One of the other things I’ve been swamped by this semester is work.  I’m actually not doing that many hours, but I’ve picked up at least four or five shifts here and there to supplement my thirteen or so hours a week.

I don’t know; it may just feel as though I’m working more because my shifts are all three hours or longer.  (And for those of you claiming three hours isn’t that long, let me just say this.  When you are working in food service, that stretch of time can feel like an eternity.)  The downside is that I’ll probably be working there as close to forty hours a week as I can get this summer.  The upside is that I’ll have quite a bit of money by the end of that time span.

Not to say I don’t like my job, but it can be exhausting and time consuming, especially when you also have an internship and are busy looking for further work.  Ooh, segue!

My internship is for a company called Xrivo at http://www.xrivo.com dedicated especially to building an online community of writers around their website.  So far, I’m really enjoying it, if only because it’s an excuse to talk about writing and do a ton of it–and critiquing.  I’ve really never been more excited about a job I’ve had.  I mean, my weekly assignments include commenting on five different works posted on the site, and writing three short pieces or exercises or writer’s block tasks.  Plus, I’ve had an excuse to begin another novel.  (But I think I’ll talk more about that when I actually do a post on what my writing has been up to lately.)

Anyway, I’m sincerely hoping that this internship might make it a little easier for me to land a job.  I’ve applied for five or six in and around my home city, but I haven’t heard back from anyone about anything.  Yesterday I spent a good ninety minutes searching around on one website for part-time writing jobs around the country, if only because staying in one city isn’t yielding too many results.

And though I bookmarked two pages for two different jobs, neither of them were full-time or even part-time.  Both were freelance gigs that land you a semi-regular source of income, but not enough to live off of.  It’s not entirely imperative for me to be employed, like, tomorrow, since I already have work through the summer, but I would be super freaking thrilled if I could be hired somewhere by, say, September?

Let’s hope that writing it here serves as a reminder that I need to meet this particular goal.  More later!

Update: Part 1/?

So, it has come to my attention that it has been over two months since I’ve updated this LJ.  Two months!  *facepalms*  I’m super sorry about my hiatus, which I can really only blame on school/thesis, work/looking for work, internship responsibilities/writing, writing, and more writing, and a personal life that has kind of been in an odd state of pleasant turmoil since right after I last updated this journal.

Anyway, I’ll be attempting to catch up on what my life has been like here, but it may take a couple different posts before you know what is actually going on.

Starting with school/thesis.  School hasn’t actually been that monumentally busy when compared to previous semesters, but because I’m graduating, it feels as though I’ve doubled my work load.  I’ve been working with my new adviser on Between Two Lives, my creative novella honors thesis . . . thing, and I managed to cut it down to 91 pages before I had to turn everything I had in to the honors department.  I’m not sure how they do it elsewhere, but at my university, English honors theses are turned in to the department to be read and critiqued by your adviser and your second reader.

I got my critiques back at the end of both a very short and very long week.  (Short, because it was the first time in several that I hadn’t worked on my thesis.  Long, because I was waiting on the critiques.)  Both my readers gave me top marks on the thesis, and the only comments they really had for me were, “This needs to be cut down some more.”  Which, after I finished happy dancing my way to work, ended in a, “Yeah, tell me something I don’t know,” type moment.

This weekend and coming week I’ll be editing my thesis hard core, and making a poster for the thesis exhibition that’s occurring on campus.  (Poster making?  I feel like I’m back in high school, trying to stretch my limited artistic skills.)  At any rate, there really are no requirements for what we can or can’t do, so mine is mostly going to be focused on words.  Words from my title and summary, words pertaining to HIV/AIDS, and lyrics from relevant songs on the playlist.

Yeah, I’m a words person.  I am not actually any good at drawing/visual art.  I know you’re all shocked.

And thus ends part one.  I’ll be updating again in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.