Update: Part 1/?

So, it has come to my attention that it has been over two months since I’ve updated this LJ.  Two months!  *facepalms*  I’m super sorry about my hiatus, which I can really only blame on school/thesis, work/looking for work, internship responsibilities/writing, writing, and more writing, and a personal life that has kind of been in an odd state of pleasant turmoil since right after I last updated this journal.

Anyway, I’ll be attempting to catch up on what my life has been like here, but it may take a couple different posts before you know what is actually going on.

Starting with school/thesis.  School hasn’t actually been that monumentally busy when compared to previous semesters, but because I’m graduating, it feels as though I’ve doubled my work load.  I’ve been working with my new adviser on Between Two Lives, my creative novella honors thesis . . . thing, and I managed to cut it down to 91 pages before I had to turn everything I had in to the honors department.  I’m not sure how they do it elsewhere, but at my university, English honors theses are turned in to the department to be read and critiqued by your adviser and your second reader.

I got my critiques back at the end of both a very short and very long week.  (Short, because it was the first time in several that I hadn’t worked on my thesis.  Long, because I was waiting on the critiques.)  Both my readers gave me top marks on the thesis, and the only comments they really had for me were, “This needs to be cut down some more.”  Which, after I finished happy dancing my way to work, ended in a, “Yeah, tell me something I don’t know,” type moment.

This weekend and coming week I’ll be editing my thesis hard core, and making a poster for the thesis exhibition that’s occurring on campus.  (Poster making?  I feel like I’m back in high school, trying to stretch my limited artistic skills.)  At any rate, there really are no requirements for what we can or can’t do, so mine is mostly going to be focused on words.  Words from my title and summary, words pertaining to HIV/AIDS, and lyrics from relevant songs on the playlist.

Yeah, I’m a words person.  I am not actually any good at drawing/visual art.  I know you’re all shocked.

And thus ends part one.  I’ll be updating again in the next few days, so keep your eyes peeled.


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