Update: Part 2/?

Here’s part two of the massive update of pain and horror.  (Okay, I’m mostly kidding.  Mostly.)  One of the other things I’ve been swamped by this semester is work.  I’m actually not doing that many hours, but I’ve picked up at least four or five shifts here and there to supplement my thirteen or so hours a week.

I don’t know; it may just feel as though I’m working more because my shifts are all three hours or longer.  (And for those of you claiming three hours isn’t that long, let me just say this.  When you are working in food service, that stretch of time can feel like an eternity.)  The downside is that I’ll probably be working there as close to forty hours a week as I can get this summer.  The upside is that I’ll have quite a bit of money by the end of that time span.

Not to say I don’t like my job, but it can be exhausting and time consuming, especially when you also have an internship and are busy looking for further work.  Ooh, segue!

My internship is for a company called Xrivo at http://www.xrivo.com dedicated especially to building an online community of writers around their website.  So far, I’m really enjoying it, if only because it’s an excuse to talk about writing and do a ton of it–and critiquing.  I’ve really never been more excited about a job I’ve had.  I mean, my weekly assignments include commenting on five different works posted on the site, and writing three short pieces or exercises or writer’s block tasks.  Plus, I’ve had an excuse to begin another novel.  (But I think I’ll talk more about that when I actually do a post on what my writing has been up to lately.)

Anyway, I’m sincerely hoping that this internship might make it a little easier for me to land a job.  I’ve applied for five or six in and around my home city, but I haven’t heard back from anyone about anything.  Yesterday I spent a good ninety minutes searching around on one website for part-time writing jobs around the country, if only because staying in one city isn’t yielding too many results.

And though I bookmarked two pages for two different jobs, neither of them were full-time or even part-time.  Both were freelance gigs that land you a semi-regular source of income, but not enough to live off of.  It’s not entirely imperative for me to be employed, like, tomorrow, since I already have work through the summer, but I would be super freaking thrilled if I could be hired somewhere by, say, September?

Let’s hope that writing it here serves as a reminder that I need to meet this particular goal.  More later!


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