Update: 4/4

I’ve been on a roll with this blogging thing lately, probably because there’s so much else that I have to do but have zero interest in.  (Also, note that it took me until my last blog post to realize just how many parts of this post there were going to be.  Lame.)

Anyway, this last post isn’t one I’ll be linking to on Twitter, if only because it deals somewhat with my personal life of the last few months.  Because this is a really long story with a lot of points I’d rather not have the whole world see, I’ll keep it limited to the basics for the time being.

I’m seeing someone again, the same someone I was seeing the last time around.  Things are startlingly good, even though we’ve only been together for two months.  Though I’m hoping they’ll stay that way, I feel as though I’ve come to have much more realistic expectations this time around.  Because I got so used to being without this person, I’m much better at handling/entertaining myself and being alone when I can’t have him with me.  We talk at least once a day, but it’s a much less co-dependent relationship than it was before.

We’re in love, but neither of us are talking forever.  Instead we’re trying to take the future one day at a time.  This is especially important considering we will–realistically–not be in the same state next fall.  Neither of us like it and we’re trying to think of solutions, but for now we’re just enjoying having each other around and being in each other’s company again.

There’s a trial separation coming up soonish, because my family and I are taking a trip–my first–to Europe this May, immediately after my graduation.  It’s both a reward for finishing up college, and a way of enjoying something that all of us have wanted to do, and that my dad has wanted to do again.  Even though it’s going to mean being out of country for ten days, I absolutely cannot wait!

And there you have it.  A wrap-up of my recent life.  Though I’ll probably be mostly inactive from here until the end of the school year, I’m going to try and update more once I’m done with college for good.

Wow is that a scary and wonderful thought!


2 thoughts on “Update: 4/4

    • We will be going to London, Paris, and Normandy! Though Normandy will likely be a day trip to satisfy the history buffs in our family (which, really, is everyone) and to give us an excuse to claim that yes, we did something in France other than visit Paris. 🙂

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