Querying Again

Well, I’ve finally finished my rewriting/re-editing of The Recruited, otherwise known as ‘the novel I started querying a little over a year ago.’  I have to say that the story has changed a lot since then, thanks in large part to agent comments and phenomenal beta feedback.

It has been a long few months–and by a few months I mean, half a year–of being knee deep in revisions.  For the first time I turned to people I didn’t know for feedback, and that worked out splendidly.  I’ve redone the story almost in its entirety, made extensive revisions, and rewritten the query letter another two or three times.  I’m also hard at work on a synopsis, which is about two thirds of the way to completion.  This time I did my best not to rush in.  I felt like I began the querying process a little hastily with an earlier draft, so I tried my very hardest to make sure the MS was in the best shape that it could be before I sent it out again.

Yesterday I sent out my first five query letters on the new, revised manuscript.  I’ve forgotten how terrifying the querying process is, and I found myself clicking send on a few emails with one hand covering my eyes.  (Side note:  The boyfriend and one of my roomies thought this was hysterical.)

In any case, I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that the whole querying process goes more smoothly for me this time around.  Wish me luck, guys!  I’m going to need every bit that I can get.  🙂

To my writer friends out there on the internet:  how are your novels coming?  To those of you doing Camp Nanowrimo:  have you met your word counts?


2 thoughts on “Querying Again

  1. Good luck!!! Querying sounds like the most nerve-wracking thing ever. I have a few more rounds of revision left before I’ll be anywhere near ready, but it makes me nervous just thinking about it. Eeeep. I hope everything works out! 🙂

    • If it’s not the most nerve-wracking thing out there, it’s definitely one of them. 🙂 Good luck on your revisions–it’s smart of you to take as much time as you need getting your book ready. Believe me, I learned that the hard way.

      Thanks very much for the good wishes!

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