Home Again, Home Again

It seems that, for the time being, no matter how much I try and update what’s going on in my life, I’m never quite able to keep up.  Don’t get me wrong; it’s not just LJ that suffers.  I’m behind on my personal journal, my job hunting, and my writing.  Then again, I’m going to have to direct at least some of the blame away from myself and onto the craziness that has been my life lately.

In the last two weeks I’ve had two job interviews–one of which I had to come home for–I’ve had to pack and get all my affairs in order, and I’ve had to come home and unpack all the endless amounts of crap I’ve accumulated over the last four years.  That’s right.  I’ve left the town where I attended college, and moved back to the city where I’ve grown up.

I have to say, I’m not incredibly happy with this turn of events, but it’s also not like there’s much I can do about it.  I’m still in the process of looking for a really fulfilling job and it’s much easier for me to do that in a big city than the small one where I went to school.  If I’d been really desperate to stay in the same state, or just move across town, I could’ve found some kind of grunt job to work.  I guess what it really boils down to is that if I have the chance to do something bigger, I’m going to have to take it.  And right now, there’s a much higher chance of me doing something bigger here than in a college town.

That’s not to say I don’t still love my old home, and miss the people there.  The majority of the friends I’ve made during my time at university are still there, and it’s going to be hard to not see them as regularly.  Don’t get me started on how hard it was to say good-bye to my bf either.  We’re keeping in touch and talking, but it’s not the same as knowing I’ll see him in three or four days like clockwork every week.

And now, because I can’t help doing this every time I go on this blog, a quick querying update.  I have three fulls out right now–though one is a critique that will come accompanied by a referral, so that step is not going to land me an offer in all probability.  The other two are straight up fulls though, and until last week I also had a 100 page partial out.  That was rejected after six days though, so I’m onto other options.

But anyway, this is just to say that I’m still here, still querying and job hunting, and still hoping that this year will bring good things for me.

How are you all doing?  Any big changes in your lives lately?


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