(Belated) Leaky Con Update

So, I really need to get back to blogging regularly.  Part of my inactivity I blame on job hunting, which is still pretty frustrating.  It isn't helpful to have expenses piling up (i.e. new phone and keyboard) when you don't have any income.  The other part I blame on my utter inability to make WordPress work for me.  I am apparently not as tech savvy as I thought I was, at least not with unfamiliar blogging platforms.  I'm still hoping that in a month I'll be able to kick myself and wonder why I couldn't solve my problems with the site sooner.

For now, though, I'm not going to focus on the downsides.  I'm here to do my rather belated blog post about Leaky Con.  Which, by the way, was totally and completely awesome.

My awesome friend and I had bought tickets for the Lit Day portion of Leaky a while ago, way back in the winter.  Thankfully, Leaky was in our backyard this year, so we didn't have to do much travel to get there.

Aside from a navigation mishap the first day, coupled with the overwhelming desire to participate in the whole con experience on the second day, we had a really good time.  The (two) Lit Days were super interesting, with a big variety of panels.  The nice thing about day one was that we weren't deciding between too many panels.  There were also consistent options from the time we arrived until the time we left.  

Day two was a little different, in that there weren't quite as many lit day panels.  We solved that problem just fine by *ahem* ducking into a few different HP related panels to kill time and experience a portion of the rest of the Leaky Con. 


Almost too many to count, but I'll try and keep this brief.  "I Was a Teenaged Writer," in which a bunch of authors I love read various snippets of work from when they were teenagers.  "Sex in YA, How Dirty is Too Dirty?" was fun, although I'm pretty sure a few of the questions scarred the publishing personell in question.  "The How Not to Write a Book" panel was fantastic and especially tailored to my interests.  I laughed when Maureen Johnson joked that it should've been called "The Writers' Neruoses" panel.  

We also watched a group of authors play a game that I'm sure will be seen at many nerd parties over the course of the next few months, in which participants had to make up a story based on a true (or false) fact they were given.  Other participants tried to poke holes in said story, and then they had to vote on whether the story was true or a lie.  I'm already planning to suggest a version of that the next time I have a get together.  

Non Lit Day related awesomeness included seeing the Lizzie Bennet panel and getting to view exclusive footage from the YouTube series.  And of course, I really couldn't avoid mentioning all the awesome individuals we met and spent time with talking about wonderfully nerdy things.  Shout outs to all of you.  You guys were what made my first con so great!

How about the rest of you?  Did you go to Leaky or other conventions this year?  Do you plan to someday?