GUTGAA Meet and Greet!

Hello all!  My name is Ellen and I’m an aspiring author who sometimes writes adult, sometimes YA, but always contemporary.  (Much as I love fantasy and all its sub genres, I simply don’t have the brain for it.)

I’ve recently graduated from college, so I’m still getting used to writing in the ‘new’ environment that is my parents’ house.  When I am hard at work, you can find me on the family room couch, usually sitting smack dab in the middle and taking up too much space.   I have a journal and my cell phone off to one side, just so I don’t have to get up off the couch to go scavenging for those things later.

I can and do write basically any time except mornings when I first wake up.  Today might be the exception to the rule, but this is a blog post and not fiction so it feels a little more doable.  But I digress.  My favorite time to write is after lunch to when my family starts coming home from work.  Maybe it’s because I’m still mentally on a college schedule, but mid afternoon is my most productive time.

Though I don’t usually drink or eat while I’m working, I do love to have music on, depending upon the project.  The novel I’m currently querying was written and revised almost entirely while music played in the background.  When I actually have new things to listen to on YouTube, I’m there.  If not, I find that my iTunes or Stereomood works just fine for providing an endless stream of songs while I’m in the middle of a scene.

The manuscript you guys are probably going to become familiar with during this contest is the first thing I’ve ever seriously sought publication for.  Because I started writing it so long ago, I’m a little vague on where I got the idea.  What I do remember is that I had two characters who I smooshed together to make my FMC.  The story just sort of built itself around her from there.

My most valuable writing tip, and the one that’s served me well, is to try and write a little every day.  I know that’s not suitable and (for people with busier lives than myself) not possible for everyone, but when I was in school, that was the only reason I finished anything.

So as not to ramble, I’ll cut myself off here.  If anyone stopping by this blog today has any questions, just ask!


25 thoughts on “GUTGAA Meet and Greet!

  1. I know what you mean about fantasy. I love the genre, but when I tried writing it myself, I quickly learned I lack any real talent for the genre. I’m better suited for contemporary. It’s nice meeting you 🙂

  2. Hi Ellen! Your writing routine sounds a lot like mine–I try to write every day, and I love having music on in the background too. I look forward to reading about your manuscript!

  3. Nice to meet you from the GUTGAA blog hop. Contemporary is my favorite genre too, especially in YA. Pretty much all my favorite reads this year were contemp: Past Perfect, Wanderlove, In Honor. I also like historical though, Code Name Verity was really cool.

  4. Hey Ellen! Great to meet you and congrats on recently graduating. I’m also shopping my first completed manuscript – I’ll look forward to learning more about yours in the weeks to come!

  5. Hi Ellen! My name is Lisa Ann, and I’m one of the first-round GUTGAA judges. Congrats on your college graduation, and best of luck to you! I can’t wait to read everyone’s submissions!

  6. I know what you mean about readjusting to living at home again. If only things were the way they were in the historical eras I write about, where it was so much easier to enter the workforce and support yourself and a household with even a lower-paying job. Some of my historicals have gradually moved into the modern era, but it’s been ages since I wrote a book or story that was set completely contemporary to me.

    • I have the utmost respect for people who can write historical. One of my novellas was set in the nineties (which I lived through) and that was hard enough. 🙂 Nice meeting you!

  7. Great tip on writing every day. So true. My first book took me forever just because of all the breaks I took between spurts. And it was a terrible story because I wasn’t “into” it at all. See you around GUTGAA!

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