A Pre Nano Apology

I’m not here to rehash my NaNoWriMo plans, only to say that this will be my fourth year participating and I’m going to do something I’ve never done before.  Every year prior, I’ve made an effort to stay caught up on blogging, only to fall hopelessly behind when my word count dipped or real life intervened.

This year, I intend to try this a slightly different way.  I’m going to excuse myself from blogging for the month of November, essentially give myself permission not to do it.  Because I’m rebelling this year, I have a sizable chunk of my draft that is in pretty good shape.  I know that the whole point of Nano is to allow yourself to write a Shitty First Draft, and though I fully expect that a lot of what I write will suck as per usual, I would like to see that ratio of suck to salvageable be smaller this year.

So this is my announcement:  I will still be on and around the interwebs during November, but expect this blog to basically fall by the wayside until the month ends.  In the event of a miracle, I may do a post or two catching up on things–or in the event of anything important happening, I may post–but otherwise, don’t expect any new updates from me until my marathon writing binge is over.

After that I’ll be back to your regularly scheduled blogging.  I hope to have more content to upload, and new things to blog about come December.

For those of you doing Nano, how are you balancing your writing and blogging time?  For those of you who aren’t, how are you going to be spending the dreary month of November?  Is anything exciting coming up?


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