A New Title

I thought I’d pop in and make a brief announcement regarding one of my novels.  Are you all ready?

The story formerly known as Between Two Lives has been given a name change.  I’m much, MUCH fonder of the new title, but I also cannot claim responsibility for coming up with it.

During an intense brainstorming session with my parents and my boyfriend, my brilliant father pulled an excellent title out of thin air.  He gets all the credit here.  🙂

So, without further ado, the new title for the MS I’ve been calling ‘untitled AIDS story’ is:




Having worked with this idea for well over a year now, I feel like this is the title I’ve been waiting to find.

Any and all of you are welcome to let me know what you think in comments.  I’m really excited about my new title and what it means for querying–and I hope you guys are too.


3 thoughts on “A New Title

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