Trying Something New

Don’t worry. This post isn’t about how I’ve found a new hobby or am giving writing a break. I am working a new job, at least temporarily, while I look for more permanent work. Weirdly enough, being super busy instead of having all the time in the world has given my writing mojo a major boost. (I know. I don’t understand it either.)

In the last month or so, I’ve had the outside eyes of my new critique group reading Positively Anonymous chapter by chapter, and begun doing a basic outline for the rewrite of Facing the Music. I’ve even finished the chapter I’d been stuck on forever with the latter story, and added two new ones. I was starting to get my grasp on Evan’s voice back after a too long hiatus.

And yet . . . this other idea I’d been daydreaming about for two months or more wouldn’t leave me alone.

Let me interrupt myself briefly and say that–while I usually work on multiple things at once–it has been a long time since I’ve even attempted to write two different projects or edit two different projects. Lately, my trend has been to edit one thing and write one thing, so I can switch if I need to.

Usually, that’s a productive method. But if there’s one thing this year has taught me writing-wise, it’s that shaking up my processes can be helpful sometimes. More importantly, I was called to this story. I spent so many of my waking moments thinking about it that I thought I would go nuts if I couldn’t put something on paper.

Not that I completely threw caution to the winds. On my breaks from work, I would sit and jot down ideas on my massive notepad. Character descriptions, ages, jobs, plot points all wound up on the pages. At night, I would search baby name websites looking for the perfect names for the characters still lacking them, and every day I would come up with new material.

About two weeks ago, I dragged the notepad home and transferred all that information to a word document, along with some newer things I hadn’t had a chance to write down. I threw together an outline for the first five chapters that started off sparse and gradually grew more detailed. The next day I started to write.

What I’d been afraid to hope for happened. The story flowed. I’d daydream about it when work was slow, come home, and put more on paper. Time constraints and a busy Memorial Day mean I don’t have as much written as I’d like, but for the first time in a while I’m in love. I’m excited, and I anticipate every spare moment I can spend at my computer.

Since you guys are probably wondering what this mysterious manuscript involves, I’ll give you some basic information. It’s a New Adult contemporary told from the alternating POVs of two sisters. It’s the first thing I’ve written where romance is one of the major plot drivers. There’s family drama, mental illness, a wedding, and a huge number of secrets.

Assuming the project continues to excite me, I’ll continue to update you guys about it. I can’t wait to get a first draft on the table!


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