Celebrating Accomplishments & Setting Goals

About six hours before midnight on December 31st, I was struck by a fresh wave of optimism upon remembering that 2014 was right around the corner. New Year’s Eve for me is usually a time to catch up with friends, eat a bunch of so delightfully rich but oh so bad for you food, and toast the start of something new. I’m not in the habit of attaching symbolic resonance to the holiday, but this year the whole ‘ring out the old and ring in the new’ attitude really hit home for me.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m ready to leave 2013 behind. Mentally, emotionally, financially, and creatively this has been one of the most challenging years of my life. Maybe it’s the post graduation blues, the struggle to carve out some space for myself as an adult and a functioning member of society, while attempting to stay on top of the many activities I enjoy. Whatever the reason, I’ll be hoping for a little more stability and A LOT more happiness from 2014.

Because I’d prefer not to start the New Year as a Debbie Downer, here’s a short list of things I accomplished (or consider to be accomplishments) in 2013:

1. Found full-time work that I enjoy in a place where I already know a bunch of awesome people

2. Moved into a new place with my lovely boyfriend and discovered that we make just as good of a team as roommates as we do a couple

3. Became a member of the CS and found a phenomenal group of critique partners-turned new writer friends

4. Took control over my health and began working to get it back on track

5. Finished a complete rewrite of my manuscript FACING THE MUSIC

All of these successes are a big deal to me, and I’m proud of how hard I worked for each of them. That said, there are so many goals I wish to accomplish in 2014, and so many more things I’d like to do. Here’s that list:

1. Sign with a literary agent. I’ve been out of the querying game long enough, and it’s time to polish a manuscript (probably FACING THE MUSIC at this point) and jump back in.

2. Finish writing something else. Last year was a super slow writing year for me. I’d love to complete at least one new manuscript in 2014. Two would be icing on the cake!

3. Establish a routine for working out and stick with it. Not because of any specific weight loss goals, but because I always feel better when I’m getting some exercise and being more active.

4. Take a trip. Hell, take several. I miss traveling, and I’m starting to creep toward that point where money and time aren’t too big of issues. There’s no excuse for my sitting around.

5. Do a better job keeping in touch with people. More calling, texting, Facebook messaging, Tweeting, chatting.

6. Read more books, play more music, learn more, do more, see more.

Are you eager for the start of a new year? What are your resolutions, if you’ve made any? What would you like to accomplish this year? No matter what your plans are or whether you’ve made them at all, here’s hoping for bigger and better things in 2014!


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