Check-In #1: Spring Writing Boot Camp

I’ve already mentioned signing up for the YA Buccaneers Spring Writing Boot Camp, and I talked about my goals here. Since we’re already a week and a half or so in, it’s time for my first official update.

My March goals are to finish editing Facing the Music, first and foremost, and to continue drafting Amnesia Conspiracy. (For now, we’re not going to discuss my title woes.) Although my revisions are my biggest concern right now, I’ve made far less progress than I’d like to admit. Weekends are my designated editing time for now, but I only managed one chapter over the course of this last one. An unexpected cold was largely to blame for my laziness, but it’s not the cold’s fault that I did 2/3rds of my total revisions late Sunday night when I really should’ve been asleep.

I accomplished a lot more during the first weekend of the month, and since I hadn’t officially signed up then, I’m not even sure it counts. Hoping to feel better by next weekend so that the only thing standing between me and Facing the Music is, well, me.

That said, I had one of my best drafting weeks by far with Amnesia Conspiracy, so that kind of rounds things out. Though I didn’t get any words written on Monday, I passed the thousand word mark two of the last four days of the week. Considering it has taken me MONTHS to get back in range of those numbers, I’m celebrating that as a huge success.

Goals for this week include finishing chapter 5 of Amnesia Conspiracy before Friday, which has been a huge problem of mine. I’d also like to get chapters 16-17 of Facing the Music revised before the eleventh hour of my upcoming weekend. Assuming that happens, the opening chapters may end up with my CPS by the following week.

To my teammates: I’m super excited to meet you all and start hearing about your work! Keeping my fingers crossed for smooth sailing as we head into week two!


5 thoughts on “Check-In #1: Spring Writing Boot Camp

  1. That’s great you reached >1K words twice last week. Everybody has those days where it can be almost impossible to write. I posted one of my methods the other day, but still it’s not always easy. Good luck with your writing goals!

    • I’ll have to go and give your post a look-see. I’m always eager for information regarding what methods have worked for other people. Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Congrats on making progress with the drafting! That. Is. Awesome! I do hope your revisions go better this week – that’s so hard. This week wasn’t my best either. I feel like it’s the week where I remember that keeping goals means actually writing (gasp!). Next week is going to be better, right? Good luck!

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