Check-In #2: Spring Writing Boot Camp

So, we can just pretend this last week never happened, right? Right? We’ve all agreed that last week was polluted water under a bridge that you’ve just blown up?

Just me? Oh. Okay.

I had the best of intentions, I really did. Monday and Tuesday weren’t 1k or more word count days, but there was enough forward momentum that I was happy with them. The beginning of the week is always my craziest time anyway, and my word counts tend to rise dramatically as the weekend approaches. This time, my mid-week writing time was interrupted by the dreaded Computer Trouble. (Yes, I am capitalizing this.)

My not quite six month old laptop has had a fair bit of Trouble in its very short life span. We’ll avoid my potential buyer’s remorse for the sake of this blog post, but let’s just say that it’s a really bad sign when your computer tries and fails to boot up, and a much worse sign when–after three attempts–it can’t even manage that much. There may have been panic, accompanied by very creative cursing.

After the better part of a night spent at Best Buy, the problem seems to have been fixed temporarily at least. The only remaining issue is that I had to refresh my computer to make it start booting up again, which means that every app or program I’d downloaded since purchasing the computer was erased. I’m old-fashioned and work in a version of MS Word that I borrowed from a friend. In an attempt to get any sort of work done, I gave Open Office a try before discovering that we weren’t meant to be.

By the time Saturday night rolled around, I’d started writing in one of my journals just to prevent my head from exploding with all the words stashed inside it. That outlet carried me through to Sunday when I was able to replace MS Office.

And there you have my long-winded explanation–or excuse–for why I accomplished almost nothing in the last week. No editing, certainly, and very little writing. My one small compensation is that I had a glorious more-than-1k day on Sunday. Encouragement for the week ahead?

Goals for this week are very simple. Finish chapter 5 of Amnesia Conspiracy this week. Two chapters of Facing the Music edited this coming weekend. Here’s hoping for smoother sailing ahead!


4 thoughts on “Check-In #2: Spring Writing Boot Camp

  1. Oh that’s SO frustrating. I’ve had my fair share of computer problems but my 5yr old Mac is trucking along for the most part (its internet is a little sketch but at least that doesn’t affect my writing?). My experience with my Dell though…I still shudder when I think about that computer. You have all my sympathies!

    Glad you were able to slog through despite the stress. That’s bonus point worthy!

  2. You know, if I were in any way a Mac person I’d look into getting one the next time I need a laptop. Everyone I’ve talked to who has them says that they basically last forever.

    Amusingly, my old laptop was a Dell. That things was down to spare parts by the time I replaced it, but I never much worried about losing writing. Strange.

    Thank you so much for the encouragement, though!

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