Check-In #3: Spring Writing Boot Camp

After the great computer muddle from hell, I seem to have gotten back on track. One of the thing goals I’d been dying to accomplish this week was to get more drafting done. And man oh man, did I ever!

For at least a week and a half I’ve been languishing on chapter five in Amnesia Conspiracy. My standard response to drafting off the cuff tends to be overwriting in a big way. When each chapter is twenty or so pages on average, the space between finishing them can feel like an eternity. (Trying not to think about how long the first draft of the MS will be is a whole other issue.) But after some crazy bursts of inspiration and a handful of late nights, I finished it.

As its own success, that would be exciting enough. Considering chapter five sets up one of the story’s biggest conflicts and sets a major plot line in motion, I was SO super stoked to be moving forward with the awesomeness that I immediately dove into chapter six the following evening. When the weekend rolled around and it was time for me to put on the editing hat, I’d also made it deep into chapter six–about halfway if my estimations are correct. Imogene, my MC, made some pretty big decisions over the course of this new material, and I can’t wait for the repercussions to start unfolding for her.

Also hit a record high of FOUR 1000+ word days this past week. Who’s awesome?

I had a bit of a scare on Friday night when I remembered that one of my goals was to finish my revisions for Facing the Music before the end of the month. That seems a little bit lofty now, and given the craziness I’m anticipating this week, I’m not sure if I’m going to get there or not. Getting chapters 16-17 under my belt helped an awful lot though. I’m officially past the halfway point on this manuscript, which means it should be going out to my CPs by next week. That’s scary as hell for me, but so exciting too!

Short update this time around, as I’m still up to my ears in work. Hope everyone else has has similarly successful weeks!


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