Check-In #4: Spring Writing Boot Camp

This week’s update is going to be a quick one, as I continue my trend of alternating good productivity followed by total uselessness.

Did not meet my big goal for the end of the month, which was to finish my revisions for Facing the Music. I’m disappointed, but I’m not that surprised either. I was reaching big time when it came to getting through round one of edits, and after all the medical bullshit of the previous week, I basically knew it wasn’t going to happen.

My one major complaint is that I’ve been stalled on chapter 18 for the duration of week four. Generally I dedicate the most uninterrupted time to the chapters where I have the most work to do, so I never really lose my grip on the editing mindset. Between doctors appointments and work and a visit from my parents, I simply didn’t have the uninterrupted time to devote. I’m hoping to plow through the rest of Facing the Music in April, since I’m expecting the ending chapters to be less work overall. The last half of the story was where I felt the most confident–where I hit my stride. With a few scattered exceptions, the real work should be behind me. (Please, God, I hope.)

I am well over halfway through the MS though, so I am intending to send chapter one to my CPs around mid-week. Every chapter they see is going to get a last read-through aloud from me before it winds up in their hands. Time to get this ball rolling!

On the subject of titles for Amnesia Conspiracy, don’t ask. I haven’t done any drafting for a week, so there’s no way I’m in the right head space to even think about brainstorming titles. Once I dive back into work, I’ll start the titling process. Still expecting it to be a while.

Speaking of Amnesia Conspiracy, my plan is to start out aiming for 20k worth of new words in April. The number was supposed to be 25k, but with Facing the Music’s end date being moved back, everything gets moved back. If I hit 20k before the end of the month, I’ll increase my total word count goal. 25-30k would be ideal, but I’m trying to leave myself a little breathing room for when I get stressed by everything I still have to do.

Since I’m planning to finish my revised MS edits for one of my CPs this week, I’ll be thrilled if I get anything new written at all. I’m not too fond of starting April with such low expectations, but hey. Low expectations are better than no expectations at all.



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