Check-In #5: Spring Writing Boot Camp

Another slow-ish week, but since I kind of saw this one coming I’m not going to complain too much. Finishing edits for one of my CPs kind of feels like a huge accomplishment in and of itself. I’m glad all the time I put in on those this week paid off.

I did manage to get chapter one of FACING THE MUSIC sent to my CP group, thank God, even if it turned into a huge production. I’d set aside two hours on Wednesday evening to read over it aloud just to make sure the writing flowed and there weren’t any glaring mistakes. Two hours. Ha. Someone should remind me that any of my future endeavors set within the boundaries of a specific timeline will require twice as much time as I expect them to take. At least.

It has been a couple months–one at minimum–since I’ve revised chapter one, but I sure as hell didn’t expect to open my word document and realize that the opening paragraphs needed to be reworked. And that there was a whole bunch I could cut down. And rearrange. And rephrase.

You get the picture.

Two and a half hours later, I finally liked the look of that chapter. Now I’m just waiting on a few more CPs to send feedback before I grit my teeth and take another look. I’ve forgotten how totally time consuming revisions are.

The only writing I did for Amnesia Conspiracy was over the weekend. I came close to 1k on Saturday and close to 2k on Sunday. I finished chapter 6 and found a way to condense the story by working a plot point in early that could then be eliminated down the road. Chapter 7 is underway and I’m glad for every last bit of progress. This one’s slow-going but it’s going. Baby steps.

As for the new title, I’m thinking of adopting a ‘don’t ask, won’t rant about it’ policy. Thoughts?


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