An Excuse for my Absence

I’ve been a total failure at blogging for the better part of July. Work has been crazy and revisions are a massive time-suck, but the real reason I’ve been out of the internet loop is this:

Vancouver Shoreline

For the past eight days, I’ve been vacationing with family in the beautiful city of Vancouver. Though my dad and my sister have been to the Pacific Northwest, my mom and I have not.  We’ve been enjoying the stunning, not-at-all Midwestern views:


Taking scenic hikes:


Meandering through too perfect to be real gardens:


And of course, eating like kings:


Now that I’m home, I’ll get back to a more regular blogging schedule as I attempt to wrap up a couple writing-related things. 🙂 Look for plenty more updates in the next couple weeks!

Me in Whistler Village