Progress and Bootcamp

I’m guessing that some of you probably saw this already, since I was pretty ecstatic about it on Twitter, but after YEARS of stressing and planning, writing and re-writing, I finally have a completed first draft of my mystery WIP. This story has seen a couple different working titles come and go, and more incarnations than I can count, but once I found the right story and the right way to tell it, the drafting process flew. It’s a mess right now, as all of my first drafts are, but it’s a mess I can work with.

I’ve spent most of this summer trying not to talk about what I’ve been working on or how it’s been going for fear of jinxing myself, so I thought I’d take a couple minutes to let you guys know what I’ve been up to.

Back in July, I received the first batch of critical feedback for Facing the Music, and I’m expecting two more batches sometime in the next couple weeks. I’ve had a nice long break from that story, which hopefully means I’ll be able to jump back in and push through this last round of revisions without driving myself insane. Regardless of what critique I have yet to receive, this will be the last time I revise Facing the Music on my own. It has been on my computer or in my brain, kept under lock and key for so long, that I feel it deserves the chance to go out into the (publishing) world and sink or swim on its own merit.

Of course, this means that I’m going to have to revise my query letter and write a synopsis, which I’m trying really hard not to think about right now.

I’m currently participating in the YA Buccaneers Fall Writing Bootcamp, which I’ve done before and very much enjoyed. This time around, I’m trying to be more involved in the online community of participants as a way of holding myself accountable, and I feel like that’s going pretty well.

It also doesn’t hurt that the only thing I’m working on at the moment is brainstorming/planning two different stories that I have in the works. Both stories have the┬ásame general premise (friends to lovers romances, weirdly enough), but approach said premise in very different ways. One of them is far more developed than the other, and I already feel like I know the cast of characters pretty well. One of them is much less developed, but I’m a little more excited about it, even though it promises to be a more complicated story.

Last September I would’ve been climbing the walls, desperate to complete a revision or a draft, something tangible enough for me to feel good about crossing it off my to-do list before the clock ran out on the year. This year, I’m honestly enjoying the calm before the heavy storm of more creation. I’m soaking up the perfect Midwestern fall weather, going apple picking, and preparing myself for the chaos of harvest season. I’m excited about the leaves changing, and National Novel Writing Month, and my birthday. ┬áBest of all, I’m excited about the work and writing ahead.